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Thursday, February 01, 2001

. . . a trip to the grocery store always makes for an interesting afternoon. i shop at ukrop's, a local business owned by a couple of brothers. this store has been passed down through a couple of generations now. they hold true to their southern baptist morals of resting on sunday and not selling alcohol. they're also the people who ran the howard stern show out of town. while i may not agree with all of their ideals, at least they have some as opposed to my other choice, a national chain. and they treat their employees well.

the after-five crowd at this store is quite diverse. i've seen everything from yuppies, students, boys from the neighboring skate shop, etc. but today took the cake. in line, next to me, was none other than a guy with a shaved head, eyeliner, dog collar, and a large pentagram painted on the back of his black leather jacket. like i said, always interesting . . .


on a side note, watch out men, you're being excluded yet again. there's a new cereal on the market, called harmony, and it is made especially for women. and it's delicious. we now have our own deodorant and our own cereal. what's next?


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