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Thursday, February 22, 2001

. . . snow schmow . . .

we're supposed to have this fantastic winter storm today. it's almost march, gosh darn it. i had such great hopes for this winter and it's been holding out until now. i've only gotten to ride once, and haven't even tried out my new boots. and i probably shouldn't go this weekend, since i have a job interview on monday and don't want to risk any injuries beforehand.

- end whining here -

on a more positive note, it's going to be a great music weekend! heading out to a show tonight, seeing 4 bands i've never seen before, in search of great new rock music. i'm trusting the opinion of a friend, who has never exhibited poor taste. then tomorrow we are going to see boy george, formerly of culture club, now a dj. and i just found out that one of my favorite junglists is also spinning. it's going to be a great night.


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