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Wednesday, January 03, 2001

i'm glad to see that someone else hopped on the binary date bandwagon. i was so excited on new years about the fact that the date was 010101.

i feel like i've got this huge stack of plans that i need to get to work on. i'm trying to cram a lot in this year before i go to graduate school. there's plans that involve grad school directly: GREs, applications, etc. then there are those that don't, like travelling. my big trip is to spend a month in Ireland, or maybe a tour of the whole UK. i haven't been to Europe yet, and i'm dying to go. i figure that when i "grow up" i can spend a week or two in the major areas (Paris, Rome, etc.) so i might as well do the out-of-the-way stuff now. plus i want to research my family history.

but my biggest decision right now is what to eat for lunch . . .


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