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Tuesday, January 23, 2001

i'm back to list making again. i haven't actually written anything down, but the planning has begun in my head. since i'm not in school, i feel like i have a lot of free time. i'm not used to that. so i feel compelled to add a little structure to that free time. i don't want to waste it on "useless" activities like watching t.v. yes, i have to feed my addiction to thursday night "must see t.v.", but i'm really trying to avoid sitting on the couch every night of the week.

by creating a schedule, will i be working against the whole premise of free time? i suppose not, since i will have a choice in what i do. i can make it flexible, giving myself several options for an evening. and making this schedule gives me almost as much pleasure as the activities that it includes.

so structure is a good thing, right? ++


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