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Monday, January 08, 2001

i think i've figured out why i can't get excited about the "holiday season". it seems that the late fall/winter holidays come with a lot of expectations. it starts with halloween and ends with valentine's day. these two and the holidays in between are supposed to be extra special. they are promoted months ahead by businesses, and we're expected to have huge plans with friends and family. in fact, we're almost expected to have loved ones to spend the holidays with. no wonder so many people get down during this time.

fortunately, i have a few loved ones, so things aren't bad in that way. but i hate having expectations placed on me. i really hate it. in fact, when i feel that something is expected from me (at least in a matter that seems almost trivial), i tend to run or hide. and no, it's not the gift giving, even though i am the worst gift-giver in the world (too darn practical). i think it's the intimacy. you just can't spend these days with total strangers and get fulfillment - you've got to have at least one close friend or family member with you. and the more intimate, the better.

my favorite holidays are the less intimate ones, the ones without any expectations. no one cares if you don't celebrate st. paddy's day, or if you sit at home on the 4th of july. but if you go to mass gatherings and meet new people, that's okay too.

so my answer to a lack of holiday spirit - pick a holiday without expectations and make it your own. whether it's st. paddy's day or national name your car day, find something to celebrate. (here's a good list.) it'll make life a little more special.

so, have a happy bubble bath day.++


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