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Tuesday, January 30, 2001

i have to start limiting my use of the word "crush". i think i've been too liberal lately with the term, using it to describe any interaction which makes my heart flutter. i could easily say that i have a crush on the sushi chef who just served my lunch today (and he was a cutie), but i have only seen him once. our interaction is limited, and he even missed seeing me put money in his tip jar. no points for me.

limiting my use of the word "crush" is not for my own benefit, mind you. i understand the distinctions between a innocent crush on that sushi chef, the on-going but harmless crush on the boy at the record store, the unattainable crush on bjork (or angelina jolie, ewan mcgregor, etc.), the serious crush i had on a boy that lasted my first year-and-a-half of college that only died after he kissed me and broke my heart, and the new crush caused by an impromptu holding of hands or unexpected hug accompanied by "the spark". but seeing as how i am the only one who truly understands these, i must set some sort of standard here.

so as a service to you, dear readers, i will reserve the usage of "crush" in this forum to those in the purely fantastic realm, i.e. the unattainable, harmless, innocent, and past. ++


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