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Monday, January 15, 2001

go see this movie. it is absolutely amazing!


there's something about sunday night and restless sleep. is it the impending doom of the work week? i start thinking way too much about things i have to do, things that might happen, and things that i want to happen. every time i wake up during the night, i have something else on my mind. i've really cut down on how much i worry about things, except for this one night of the week. looks like i need to improve my meditation skills.


exciting news - two of my favorite sites (epitonic and sputnik7) have teamed up. great music and great entertainment. woohoo!


pay day + raise day = much used music buying. this paycheck saw the acquirement of:

june of '44 - the anatomy of sharks
christie front drive - S/T
action patrol - the weak force
the jazz june - the medicine
beta band - three EPs
shudder to think - first love, last rites
boards of canada - music has the right to children

all good, all the time.++


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