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Thursday, December 07, 2000

the other day i heard that in our entire lives we sleep for a total of 24 years. let's do the math. the average life expectancy for a female living in the US is 80.2 years. i average 51 hours of sleep per week, and i'll live a total of 4170.4 weeks. so the ratio of hours of sleep in my life (212,690.4) and the hours total in my life (700,627.2) is equal to approximately 0.3036. multiply that by 80.2 years, and you get 24.35 years of sleep. well, that's just about where i am now. it's hard to believe that i have lived as long as i will sleep in my whole life. ++

thanks to brady, who i just swiped the little contact ++ from.

only a week left of school. i have a graduation reception this weekend. business attire. i have a suit and shoes (with heels) now. when i put them on i feel old. i don't look like myself in the mirror. maybe clothes do make the woman? it's funny how you can put on all this stuff and present yourself one way. my friend justin is participating in the reception too. his parents will be here, and i will get to meet them. of course, they'll just see the "grown up" me. what kind of first impression will i make? ++


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