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Tuesday, December 12, 2000

didn't make it through the movie yet. had to take it back, but this week is too hectic to try and fit that in. but blogging only takes a few minutes.

one exam down, two to go. questa sera, ho un esame d'italiano. e facile. i've lost count of the days though. i guess i'm down to 2?

the local fox station has been broadcasting syndicated episodes of the real world. compared to the latest versions, this show actually started off with some real depth. as i watched today's episode, from the san francisco house, i saw real people with real problems trying to figure life out. the cast seemed to be in the same stage of life that i'm in now. it's really incredible how the show has turned into a program more focused on which people are going to hook-up. the modern version seems almost like a game show.

speaking of game shows, here's a sick one. don't people in serious relationships encounter enough difficulties? the commercial for this one is a winner. the "singles" are all out to break up the "couples". this show will literally be heartbreaking to watch. ++


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