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Wednesday, November 29, 2000

mark it on your calendars. today, the system worked for me! i've been going through the ordeal of applying for graduation. yeah, the fun exercise of totalling all your credits and discovering at the last minute you're not going to make it due to lacking 1.5 credits in underwater basket weaving. it's happened to so many people. well, i happened to transfer into this fine university from another school. i had about a year's worth of credits and some AP credit (for French). this year i discovered that my school needed the actual AP scores, not just the word of another school, in order to give me credit. so i called up the friendly test people, ordered a second set of scores, and waited patiently to arrive. long story short, there was another exam score (US history) that Tech didn't count, but VCU does. i don't really need those extra credits, but they do give me a nice buffer in case i blow one of my current courses. but that's not going to happen.

15 days to go. i've got a lead on a possible job with a prof of mine. the work is good, actually something worthwhile, but it will most likely mean a significant decrease in salary. funny, i get paid more being a secretary, not using my formal education, while i spend time in college to get a degree where i will make less. even if i go work for one of the local industries, i'll end up running the same test over and over again for 3/4 of the money i make now. i thought people with science degrees were supposed to have it easy after college. at least that's what they said in the brochure! good thing that i really like it and am not just here for the money.

i've already decided that i'll take the job. the work is important, the group is brilliant, i'll get to use cool instruments, and i'll stay close to the university. close to the familiar faces, for just a little while longer.

on a social note, i'm going to a show tomorrow night. i haven't seen the band in 4 years, but they always put on a good show.


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