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Friday, November 24, 2000

. . . so here goes nothing.

i've been thinking about this online journal thing for a while now, have enjoyed reading my friends' thoughts online, and decided to take the plunge, jump on the bandwagon, or whatever you might call it.

a psych prof of mine went on this little spiel about how college gained its popularity in order to prolong the adolescence of American youth. in the early 1900s, adolescence ended on average around age 15. at this point, most youngsters would drop out of high school and join the work force in order to help support their parents' family or to start a family of their own. as time progressed, high school diplomas became more prevalent and adolescence extended to age 18. the coming of World Wars I and II dragged many young American men across the oceans and opened the factories, mines, construction sites, etc. to a new breed of worker - women. when the men returned from war, they found the "blue collar" job market to be very tight, and unemployment numbers rose. the GI bill was passed in order to give veterans a way to occupy themselves for a few more years after their terms of service. this also increased the "white collar" workforce, and provided new opportunities for men who previously would have found themselves doing manual labor for the rest of their lives.

in modern times, middle/upper-class American youth are almost expected to go immediately to college after high school. according to Federal Financial Aid, youngsters are still dependents of their parents until age 24, unless they marry or join the armed forces. our adolescence lasts 10 years longer than that of our counterparts a century ago.

so what does this have to do with me? well, i'm 24 now, reaching the end of my "adolescence". i'm about to graduate from college (3 weeks until my last undergraduate exam), and i have a vague idea of what's going to happen next. and there have been a lot of changes in my life in the past year, with more to follow for sure. i've always been a late bloomer though. so i'm still trying to figure things out, thus the name of the site - growing pains. maybe, someday, i'll get my act together. until then, enjoy the reading . . .

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