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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

been a while 

has it really been over a month since i last blogged? the time has flown by. due to our crazy work schedules, m and i have been spending as much of our free time away from the computer as possible. lots of quality time, ya know? the weekends have been full of grilling huge steaks at home and watching movies. we've had a few outings, like this past weekend we saw wedding crashers which was incredibly hilarious. not recommended for kids or parents though. we also hung out with both of our families on sunday to celebrate july birthdays (me, m, his mom and younger sister). that was a lot of fun.

yesterday was a big day. i started a new job; same company but new job function. it's pretty exciting, taking my career in a little bit of a different direction. and it started as i started a new year of my life. yep, yesterday was the last birthday i will have, until people start trying to surprise me with those embarrasing black balloons.

anyway, more to come soon. i need to get back on track with this writing thing, but the working thing needs to slow down a little more first. just try to stay cool, because it's freakin' hot out there. and since i'm slack on writing, i've added a link to m's friend sev on the right. be sure to check out his new site, fork and salt shaker.


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