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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

the tax man cometh 

two days until every working stiff's least favorite day of the year, tax day. m and i finished ours last night and instantly felt some stress relieved. we filed an extension last year, and it just sucks to have that "unknown" out there hanging over your head. whether you owe or get a refund, it's always better just to get it out of the way. we used turbotax for the first time, which was fairly easy to use. it only took about 2 hours, and then we sent away our returns for e-filing. simple and (relatively) painless.

a little bit of catch-up from the weekend: saturday i went to a bridal shower and then a bachelorette party for my brother-in-law's fiancee. they're getting married memorial day weekend. both events were very nice. we started the evening at tonic, which is definitely not your typical shockoe bottom bar. nice decor, fancy martinis, chill music - great for a girls' night out. i ran into a fellow band geek from h.s. who just got back from 6-1/2 months in iraq (he's a navy fighter pilot). glad he made it home safe and sound.

so to tie up both of these paragraphs, i've posted a new s.o.w. on the right. it's the UMass drumline covering radiohead's paranoid android. why? because even though the taxes are done, the IRS can still instill paranoia, especially since they're widening their audit targets. and marching band is just too cool for school.


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