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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

a dying breed 

at the gym the other day, i happened to pick up a recent issue of rolling stone from the community magazine rack to read while doing my thing on the elliptical trainer. one of the brief articles always found at the front of any magazine talked about the death of rock radio, particularly alternative rock stations in large markets like philadelphia and D.C. i haven't listened to commercial radio in about 13 years, mostly because the richmond rock radio selection comprises classic rock (not bad, just not my thing), dave matthews type-bands, and the newer, angry rap-metal genre. by my list of music on my media list (on the left) or the selection available on my radio.blog (on the right, badly needing to be updated), most people can tell that i have a wide variety of taste in music, but it gravitates towards the indie or "eclectic" side of things. so, except for the weak-signaled local college station, there isn't much out there for me to listen to in this town. when i do listen to the radio, it's NPR. otherwise i'm listening to cds in my car or my beloved iPod.

but i am deeply saddened by the demise of rock radio in larger markets, especially stations like WHFS which i always tried to tune in to as i headed north on I-95. the station always put on a great annual festival, and i have fond memories of hearing bands like fugazi on the air. the station became a little more commercial over recent years, but still introduced great bands like interpol to the area. i can only see more and more rock stations being shut down in the future, due to the near-standardization of cd players in cars, the growth of other portable audio formats, and the debut of satellite radio. while i'll admit i may have contributed to the demise of commercial rock radio, i feel bad for the numerous "good" rock bands who deserve airplay and now have fewer public outlets for their music.


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