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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

oh, the irony 

my brother-in-law may want to consider removing this post from his site, with the recent news of halliburton accepting contracts in iran. yeah, they say it's legal because it's through a off-shore subsidiary, but the profits all go to the same place. so while the company has big contracts supporting our troops in iraq, they're also dealing with a economically-sanctioned country that is known to be enriching uranium and possibly developing nuclear weapons.

the sanctions against iran were enacted 10 years ago, in 1995, the same year that dick cheney accepted the position of halliburton c.e.o. now the company is under federal criminal investigation to determine if it purposely evaded the sanctions imposed by the clinton administration. if it does turn out that halliburton illegally worked around the sanctions, it is probable that this activity occurred during the tenure of our current vice president. maybe he should have taken his "out" before re-election, because if all this turns out to be true, then the bush administration should see a sh*t-storm like no other.


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