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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

strange days 

so here are some random thoughts i've had over the past few weeks about various events, both local and national.

mystery solved!
for those of you who don't live in the RVA area, you may be wondering what's up. well, we've had this little mystery in a North Richmond neighborhood for several weeks now, one that was experienced in other neighborhoods including ours (the Fan). yep, we felt one of those booms on the Saturday after we returned from vacation. middle of the day. it made the windows shake. i wanted to check our furnace, but fortunately we saw on the news that our neighborhood was reporting the booms as well.

too late
i'm sorry, but no matter what she says, the 57-year-old mom of newborn twins is completely selfish. we saw this while in punta cana, and then i saw her last week on the Today Show with the babies. sorry you missed the boat, woman, but why don't fertility doctors focus on solving the problems of younger women instead of trying to get 40+-year-old women pregnant? i know the risks of infertility associated with my endometriosis, and i am willing to accept that it may be harder to get pregnant later in my life, but i'm talking about age 33, not 20 years after that. what are her plans for these children? how can she retire and put them through college? what if she dies before they even go to college? selfish!

i don't know about you, but i sure as heck don't feel any safer these days that i did after 9/11. our trip to punta cana demonstrated that airport security is tighter than ever, even x-raying tennis shoes and copping feels of women's chests. but still people on the no-fly list can get on planes coming to washington d.c. of all places. and let's not forget the madness of the biggest shopping weekend of the year, where shoppers in Toys-R-Us in NYC were exposed to pepper spray and even at local malls people are getting stabbed. so, do you feel safe?

well, that's all i can think of for now. just needed to rant a little bit, ya know, to relieve some stress. more (positive) stuff later this week!


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