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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

higher learning 

i haven't had much time to blog lately because i've been taking a biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics course for the last 2 days at work. it was pretty cool, because it was a good intro to the topic which is one of the first classes i'll have to take when i start grad school next year.

i don't think i've talked about it on here much, but i'm finally going back to school for my ph.d. i'm going to continue working, so i'm a little bit scared about the whole thing. i worked through my undergrad program, so i have an idea of what to expect, but i know that it's going to be nearly infinitely more difficult. i've purchased my GRE study guide, downloaded the applications, and started thinking about my personal statement and research topic.

anyway, the class made me really charged up about going back to school because i really enjoyed learning new material and being in a classroom-like setting. who knows what the next few years have in store for my education and my career, but it's all very exciting.


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