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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

watch out, world, here he comes 

my world has been full of synchronicity the past few days. m and i were in the car the other day listening to rage against the machine. it made me think of an old friend, matt strugar, who went with me to my senior prom. (it was a friend date, not a romantic thing.) i met matt around the same time as i met jason, in the pre-internet, local dial-up bbs era. matt's username on most of the boards included "ratm" because he was a big fan of the band.

on occasion, i search for friends who i've lost touch with on the internet, just to see if i can find them. last time i did this i found an old friend from grade school before i moved here to RVA. we got in touch and now are up to date on each others' husbands, lives, kids (hers, not mine), etc. it was pretty cool.

so yesterday i did a search for matt and found out that he was an outstanding graduate from the USC law school this year. so you don't have to scroll down through the whole page, here's a quote (no nice CSS box like jason did).

"Matthew Strugar, a native of Richmond, Va., received one of two Sydney M. and Audrey Irmas Fellowships awarded by USC. The fellowship will pay Strugar a year's salary while he works at the nonprofit Center for Constitutional Rights in New York City, where he will work with the city's Arab and South Asian communities on issues related to racial profiling and civil rights violations post-September 11. One of the cases he'll focus on is Turkman v.Ashcroft, involving the alleged imprisonment and harsh treatment of non-citizens in the aftermath of September 11."
so mad props to matt for doing so well. 10 years ago i would never have pictured him as a lawyer, and now he's an outstanding graduate doing good work (human/civil rights).

which brings us to another connection with the car conversation from this weekend. m told me that ratm and tool were big influences on each other in the 90s. and tool shares a lead vocalist with a perfect circle. i found out yesterday that apc is releasing a collection of songs about "war, peace, love, and greed" on election day, an album where they cover songs from other wartime eras. i was able to d/l a few singles from iTunes today, so i'm going to dedicate this week's s.o.w., imagine, to matt strugar, fighting the good fight. as always, check the link on the right.


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