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Friday, September 10, 2004

now back to our regularly scheduled programming 

(long title for a possibly long post. i'm not sure how this one is going to turn out yet.)

now that the DNC, Olympics, and RNC are over, the networks are starting to roll out their new shows for the fall season. here's a roundup of the junk i'll most likely be watching regularly.

real world: philadelphia on mtv - the cast seems a little more down-to-earth than the last season, but only time (and editing) will show their "true" natures. the house is gorgeous; much better than san diego. and the first episode was kind of a return to the true spirit of the real world - learning new things about people different from you.

joey on nbc - friends is gone, but the funniest character has his own show now. it was actually decent, like friends was when it started. i laughed for most of the episode. i hope this one lasts for a while, but not as long as friends otherwise matt leblanc is going to get too old.

the apprentice 2 on nbc - some of the people on this show are completely psycho. like what's up with the guy in the bow tie? he's definitely this season's sam. the first task was defintely better than selling lemonade on the street. the candidates actually had to use their brains. and the guys' toy idea totally sucked. metamorphors rule!


now for the miscellaneous stuff. last weekend we attended our niece's 2nd birthday party. it was a lot of fun to watch ava run around like nuts. here are some of the pictures that i took with my new camera. i'll post more over the weekend.

and speaking of my new camera, i can't wait to use it tomorrow night at the chevy rock & roll 400. the shutter and aperture can be manually set on this camera, so hopefully i can get some good action shots. we have awesome seats too, close to the start/finish line and high enough up to see the whole track (without being too high). i can't believe i'm going to another race this year. my self 10 years ago would be laughing at me now. but they're so much fun! what's not to love about fast cars?

i'm updating my media list (on the left) too. i just downloaded a bunch of stuff from eMusic and have been reading more too. i can't believe i hadn't updated the list since june! i'm also considering adding some new sections on my bad habits and pet peeves. i will strive to be a better blogger from now on.



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