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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

in the action 

this weekend was a very active one for m and me. we went to the race on saturday night, getting our redneck thing on. it was very exciting, because we had good seats. i took some pics with my new camera, which you can check out in this slideshow (be sure to download it first, because it's a 6 MB file). i tried playing around with the manual adjustments for shutter speed and aperture, but i had to zoom in too far to be able to set the aperture for good lighting on the action shots. hopefully next year i will have a telephoto lens to resolve that issue. still, some of the shots look pretty cool. and i got to try out the multi-burst feature which takes 16 shots in an action sequence and puts them in one composite.

richmond is known as the "action track", because it's a short track (1 mile long) and is always run at night. there was some pretty good action saturday, including jimmie johnson's wreck. my driver was out of the race pretty early too, which was a bummer. he's not one of the top drivers, but i really like his personality and the fact that he's from virginia. and i like to root for the underdog.

so that's the story from the action track. i guess we'll wait until next may to attend another race, unless we go out of town. i would like to go to a superspeedway some time, but it's not a high priority for me. i'm happy with the short little track right down the street from my neighborhood.


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