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Sunday, May 23, 2004


so the lightning managed to pull it off last night, edging the flyers in the eastern conference finals by 1 point. it was a tight game. even though m was disappointed that his team didn't win, he was happy to see they made it this far in the playoffs (compared to previous years) and didn't lose in a complete slaughter. so the southern team's victory was bittersweet for me, but i will be very very happy to see the cup come this way. and i think tampa stands a very good chance of winning.

we lifted m's spirits by watching miracle after the game. m's mom bought us a copy, and i am so glad she did. i was too young at the time of the 1980 winter olympics to even know that hockey existed, and it was nice to get an introduction to some older players. (i.e. the goalie for sweden at the time was a past flyers goalie.) needless to say we were just as worked up watching the usa/ussr match as we were during the flyers/lightning game a few hours earlier. great movie! i'm glad we own it!


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