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Thursday, May 27, 2004

more shows 

well, i just picked up tickets yesterday to see the fire theft on sunday. i am soooooooooooo excited! i loved sunny day real estate and got to see them live a few years ago. tft is basically sdre minus 1 member, so i expect the live show to be just as good. plus they're playing with mellowdrone, who i've only heard a little of but have really liked what i've heard. and it will be a great opportunity to stock my summer wardrobe (i.e. band t-shirts) and pick up a mellowdrone cd as well.

i just picked up a new album by oceansize, but i haven't had a real chance to listen to it yet (way too busy at work, so i loaned it to a co-worker). i d/led a couple of EPs from emusic, and they're sort of that heavier, melodic rock along the lines of a perfect circle. i bought the cd for m, who is usually in need of new bands to listen to. when i get the cd back and give it a listen, i'll post a full review.


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