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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

'tis the season 

summer is always great for catching live music. almost everybody tours when the weather is warm. there are festivals, expensive concerts, bar shows, and cheap/free outdoor events. here's a few highlights.

02 may 04
a perfect circle, patriot center, nova - if m doesn't have to go to baltimore, then i can sleep in the car on the way home.

12 may 04
blondie, innsbrook, rva - i just read this article about blondie, and i'm glad to hear they're having a come back. i usually listen to 80s radio stations when traveling for work, and i always enjoy singing along with debbie harry.

30 may 04
the fire theft, alley katz, rva - i loved sdre, so i'm hoping the fire theft put on as good of a live show as sdre did.

19 jun 04
stomp, landmark theater, rva - not really a musical act, but they still make music. i saw stomp several years ago and they rocked. i always said i would go again if they came back.

17 jul 04
elton john, radio city music hall, nyc - we've been talking about going to see sir elton in vegas this summer, but nyc is much closer. plus he's playing on the weekend of my birthday. since m's is the week after mine, we may spend the weekend in nyc to celebrate both.

there is a lot more going on than just these shows, including free friday cheers with camper van beethoven and cracker , festivals from lollapalooza and warped, and various bar shows. after a long winter, the music scene here is finally thawing out.


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