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Sunday, April 25, 2004

day of rest 

since last weekend was full of activity for us, m and i resolved to take it easy at least one day this weekend. we did a lot of work in the front and back yards yesterday plus some work in the house and grocery shopping, so today we are going to chill. it's cloudy and rainy today, and the dogs are tired too. poor huygens had his check-up yesterday, including 3 shots and having blood drawn. he was fine yesterday, but he is very sore today.

m and i are both about to get really busy at work. his project kicked off last week, and i'm going into our pilot plant some time this week. that means work starts at 7 am for me for at least the next month. at least the days are getting longer. it's nice to go to work in daylight, and have a few hours of it after work as well.

i've added new tracks to my radio.blog. i can't wait until the new version is finished. and since i now listen to my ipod most of the time at work, i'm always identifying new songs to play on my site.


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