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Thursday, March 25, 2004

worth every cent 

i had the pleasure of attending my first nhl game tonight, watching my second favorite team (flyers are first) beat my most hated team in the league. actually, this was my first ever "major league" sporting event. it was awesome!! i went with a colleague from the company i'm visiting this week, and we had seats on the goal line with a perfect view of the whole ice. it was cool to hang out with another woman who appreciates hockey as much as i do, if not more. the crowd was really energized, thanks to a bunch of lousy calls by the refs in the devils' favor. but the lightning took it home in the end, once again tying detroit for first in the league. as a born-and-raised southerner, i am super stoked to see the southeastern teams doing so well in the past few years (think of carolina in 2002 and the caps in 1998). i hope they can take it all the way and win the stanley cup this year!


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