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Tuesday, January 13, 2004


if someone told me 10 years ago that i would someday be gushing about country music, i probably would have laughed. it's amazing how much my musical taste has grown as i've gotten older. i can't even really name a type of music that i don't like at least a little bit (well, except mainstream pop).

so, i've noticed this rapidly growing branch of the "indie rock" scene that is highly influenced by country music, including artists like my morning jacket, ryan adams, neko case, clem snide, wilco, and many, many more. well, i love this stuff!

i heard kasey chambers for the first time last week and pretty much knew right then that she'd be this week's s.o.w. artist. so please, check out her track "the captain" on the right.

and speaking of music, two big album releases this week. both the crystal method and elbow have new albums out today. i can't get to plan 9 quickly enough!


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