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Monday, September 22, 2003


well, we made it through isabel, but not without losing power at 4 pm on thursday. and the lights still aren't on. our neighborhood got power back some time on friday, and the power company removed us from the list. there are about six blocks in the neighborhood that are still sitting in the dark. fortunately we were able to stay with my parents in the 'burbs. we cleaned the house as best we could on saturday, including dumping everything from the 'fridge.

lucy and huygens are enjoying my parents' large wooded back yard, especially since the storm knocked down lots of little branches for them to pick up. we went to the mall yesterday just to get out of the house for a bit. m and i went home to pick up work clothes since we both had to go to the office today.

we keep thinking since an elementary school occupies one of the six blocks without power that ours will be restored soon. i read an article in the paper today that said some thirty of fifty schools in the city are without power and that our water will probably still be undrinkable until wednesday. the schools won't open until the water is safe, so restoring their power may not be as high of a priority as we hoped.


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