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Saturday, August 02, 2003

show review 

last night we went to see one of m's favorite bands, a perfect circle, in norfolk. they have a new album coming out in september, so they're touring to promote it. i think that a perfect circle is my favorite of m's favorite bands.

i was interested to see who was playing bass for them, since their original bassist is now playing with zwan. the new bassist for apc is jeordie white (also known as twiggy ramirez from marilyn manson). they've also added james iha (yes, of smashing pumpkins) as a rhythm guitarist.

the band's old stuff sounded great, and the new stuff was good too. they're supposed to be touring again later this fall after the new album comes out, so we will try to catch them again.

i was impressed with the venue, and if i have the choice between going there again and going to dc to see a band, i'll go to norfolk. the norva gets a lot of good bands, and it wasn't difficult to find or to park in the area. hopefully we'll head in that direction again soon.


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