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Monday, May 26, 2003

well, we have returned at last (and against our wills) from the honeymoon. i have so much to blog about, but i don't know where to even start. well, i guess i'll start with the wedding.

our wedding was an absolutely perfect event. i could have not asked for a better ceremony or reception, regardless of the fact that it rained all day. i was a huge bundle of nerves in the hours before the wedding (thanks in part to consuming too much caffeine that morning), but heidi, maggie, and marie did a great job of keeping me calm. i was just so afraid i wouldn't be able to speak during the ceremony (my voice was hoarse from the cold) or that i was going to sob the whole time, but things just came together when i saw m standing at the other end of the aisle. the ceremony music (trumpet and organ) was perfect, and everyone kept raving about our minister. jack has been awesome to work with, and we felt so blessed to have someone that really knew us well performing the rites. and the flowers were more beautiful than i could have imagined. our florist, maria, was also great to work with.

we made it to the hotel shortly before 6 pm and met the dj. then he did the introductions, and we had our first dance and the parents' dances. then we got to eat some - we took about a bite of everything and then started visiting our guests at their tables. next thing we knew, it was time to cut the cake.

our photographer was also great to work with. he was there all day, but didn't get in the way at all. everything really flew by, and we can't wait to see the photos. i got an email saying they'll be online in about 4 weeks. t-dog has posted some pics from the wedding weekend though, so you all can get a taste of the events there (plus see some photos of the ever adorable ava). we kept the bar open for an extra hour and almost didn't leave. it was really great to hang out with family and friends that night. thanks to all who were there!

so the wedding was perfect, and the honeymoon was nearly flawless. we rode from montego bay to ocho rios with another honeymooning couple and were well supplied with red stripe beer by the transportation staff to make the 2 hour ride seem much shorter. when we arrived at the resort, the concierge escorted us to a dark, well-furnished sitting room where we were given cold towels and champagne while our check-in was attended to. we were escorted to our room and noticed that the suites were numbered, but when we got to our door, it had a placard that said "prime minister's suite" and a doorbell. our suite had a sitting room, 1-1/2 baths, a living room, a stocked bar, a large bedroom, and 2 balconies. one of the balconies had a double chaise lounge, where we spent a lot of time in the afternoons taking a siesta. the furniture was all mahogany, and the bathrooms were marble. we forgot our camera, but took pictures of the room with a disposable one. they'll be online in a few days or so.

we were absolutely lazy the whole time, only leaving the resort to dine at another one and to make a shopping trip. we had room service several times, especially since it was available 24 hours a day. we had a great time having breakfast on the balcony every morning, followed by time at the beach, the siesta on the other balcony, and then a great dinner (either in the room or in a restaurant). the french restaurant at the resort was fantastic. we enjoyed every minute of it, even on the rainy day. our minister told us to not try to do too many activities on our honeymoon and just enjoy each other. i think that we followed his instructions to a tee. we'll do the activities thing when we go back next year. jamaica is the best!

alright, i'm done for now. i need to get back to relaxing on the couch with my husband and our dog.


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