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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

well, i'm not sure what the "business class rate" means at a hilton, but there is no high speed access here. well, there goes $40 for the usb ethernet adapter that i bought. geez. what a joke. the last hilton hotel that i stayed in had the high speed access, and it was just a regular room. my company is being robbed. heh. at least i made it here safely, and the bed isn't too bad. it's no swedish foam though, which is what i'm used to. hopefully i'll get out to the hot tub some to ease my aching back.

it seems like all i do is complain these days. i am so sorry, dear readers. i promise that i will be back to my normal self as soon as this manufacturing campaign is over. i'm just a little bit disgruntled since the people who are supposed to take over the project at this point are only staying for 2 days while i am here for the full 10 (including the weekend). if we don't get our postponed raises in july this year, i may seriously start looking for another job. it really sucks to not get any sort of recognition for your hard work and then be asked to do even more.


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