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Monday, March 31, 2003

is it really monday again? the weekends just seem to get shorter and shorter. m had to work yesterday, which really sucked. at least he gets paid overtime. we went to tysons corner on saturday with my family. mom found another "candidate" dress for the wedding. she looked great in it. m got some new pants, which were desparately needed. i got a bracelet to wear at the wedding. no clothes though. i've reached that awkward age where clothes from places like express and the gap are too young for me, yet most things i try on in the department stores make me look like i'm 12 years old in my mother's clothes. i guess i should just move to a nudist colony or work where i can wear a uniform every day.

i haven't talked about music in a while, so here's a quick rundown of my recent purchases. they're not too exciting, since i purchased most of them while in florida from larger music shops, and the others are from my bmg music membership that i use to stock up on jazz and classical music. no links yet, because i don't have time this morning to do them all.

1. coldplay - a rush of blood to the head. i had been putting buying this one off, but i needed something to listen to in the car while in florida. i'm so glad i finally bought this. in fact, i'm using one of the songs (green eyes) as a candidate for our wedding cd.
2. longwave - endsongs. if you like the sound of the strokes, interpol, etc., you'll love this cd. i don't think it's quite as good as their day sleeper ep, but it's stilll nice to listen to.
3. reindeer section - y'all get scared now, ya hear! yummy music from the scottish band. it's nice and slow though, so if you need something harder, it probably won't do it for you.
4. muppets - muppet show: music, mayhem & more - 25th anniversary collection. what?!? yeah, your eyes are not deceiving you. i had to have this one for the mahna mahna song, a throwback to my old days at wuvt.
5. berlin philharmonic cellists - 'round midnight. i love cellos, and i absolutely love most of the jazz tracks on this album.
6. billy joel - fantasies & delusions - music for solo piano. billy joel composed some classical works, and they are performed by richard joo on this album. i've always like billy joel, since i play the piano. i think i'll have to find the sheet music for these pieces.
7. jean-yves thibaudet - the magic of satie. again, i dig piano pieces, and i didn't have any satie in my collection.
8. the chieftains - from the beginning - 1 to 4. this was on sale for $19.99. i couldn't beat adding another 4 cds to my celtic music collection for that price.
9. sade - best of sade. it's sade. what else do i need to say?

okay. whew. that was a lot. i guess i shouldn't let my listings build up like that. hopefully this week i'll manage to make it to plan 9 and buy some new stuff. my cmj monthly subscription arrived this month, so i'll be reading about all the new stuff out now.

back to the grind!


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