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Thursday, February 06, 2003

here's a few quick updates from my world.

music stuff
my michael cd arrived yesterday in the mail. this band is great! i would link them as the s.o.w. for this week, but i can't get to their mp3s through my firewall. you should definitely check out their website and listen to their music for yourself. it's some good, tasty, emo-ish (but not too emo) rock.

as far as the s.o.w. goes, i think i will leave spacewalk up there as a tribute to the crew of STS-107.

girlie stuff
my shipment from sephora came with a sample of the new chanel fragrance, chance. this stuff smells so good. for you guys with special ladies out there, i recommend checking it out. remember, valentine's day is just around the corner.

wedding stuff
the invitations have arrived, and they are spectacular! i can't believe how well they suit our personalities and reflect the theme, subtly. hooray for getting more things done!


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