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Monday, February 10, 2003

did i really have to come back to work today, or is this just a bad dream? well, i shouldn't have this kind of attitude coming into work first thing on monday. i'll try to do better.

the weekend was nice and relaxing, yet still productive. i had a gown fitting on saturday, which went very well. it was the first time we were able to see the entire ensemble together. it looked spectacular. also, m and i picked out tuxes for the gents. i think everything will coordinate very well. yesterday we spoke with our trumpet player and agreed on some selections for the ceremony. it's hard to believe that we have 3 months and 1 week to go. i wish it were sooner.

yesterday we tried to watch windtalkers, which was a huge disappointment. i thought that the Navajo codetalker characters in the movie would have been the main focus of the story, but what little plot there was revolved around nicholas cage's character's rampant PTSD. even the action scenes, the stuff that made director john woo, stunk up the screen. don't waste your time or money on this flick.

well, since i'm at work, i guess i'd better do some of it, eh?


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