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Monday, January 27, 2003

well, i have finally returned from a long week away in florida. it was a boring week at work there, but the weekend was nice. my youngest cousin got married on saturday, and my sister and i were both bridesmaids. it was fun. i'd never been in a wedding before, and i'm really glad that i got to participate in one before my own. now i have an even better idea of things that i need to coordinate before the big day. i had my hair styled for the wedding as well, and i liked the style so much that i'm going to get the same one for our wedding. besides all of those benefits, i felt completely honored to participate in such a special day for heather and david, and i feel so happy that i got to meet their friends and his family. her maid of honor is an awesome person, and she said she would even come up to richmond to do the make-up for our wedding (she's a mary kay lady in her free time). yet another bonus!!


before my trip, i bought a few cds by joseph arthur, rosie thomas, and paul weller. all 3 of them are great. they made a perfect mini-disc for my trip. plus i found a few songs that are candidates for our wedding cd.

it's funny how "indie rock" is becoming folkier. (yes, i think i just invented that word.) i guess it happens to everyone as they get older. our tastes definitely evolve over the course of a lifetime. plus i guess you can't really play the hard rocking stuff around your kids.


did anyone see the discussion of this on the today show this morning? who can blame the poor woman. if i ever found out that my doctor did something like that, even if the organ was coming out, i would be ticked off too. i'm kinda glad i didn't get a video of my surgery from last year.


i'd better post this now before it gets any longer!


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