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Monday, January 13, 2003

the weekend was definitely too short. m and i finally took down the christmas tree. we still haven't taken the poinsettias off the front of the house, but that won't require a huge effort. i had my first gown fitting on saturday. it was so exciting. my tiara had come in, so i got to see the whole ensemble together. i started to geek out a little bit, doing the whole female "i'm going to be a bride" thing, but it was okay. mom got teary-eyed again. and the bridesmaids' dresses were ordered. hooray!

m and i drove to dc yesterday to meet with a photographer. the guy we're getting is awesome. it was a long trip though, 2 hours on the way there, 30 minutes trying to find our way in, 30 minutes with the photographer, and 2 hours on the way home. still, it was definitely worth it. we hadn't been able to find anyone in richmond that had real photojournalistic experience, and we really wanted a photographer who could get good live shots that capture the beautiful emotion of the day.

this week is going to be pretty quiet. hopefully i'll get the wedding invitations ordered. then i'll be in florida for work next week, followed by my cousin's wedding (also in florida) next weekend. too bad it's too cold to go to the beach!


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