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Tuesday, October 29, 2002

i'm really having a hard time not spending money on new cds. i keep a running list of artists that i like that i hear on kexp, and i just filled up another 4x6 sticky note on my desk. when they get filled, i paste them to a sheet of notebook paper and carry them in my purse. m is wondering how he will fit all of my cds in his house when we get married. i have managed to fill up his entire basement with my stuff, and we haven't moved one bit of it yet. anyway, here's what's rockin' my socks right now:

1. aereogramme - yet another band from scotland that is really good. epitonic has their track zionist timing online. it's okay. i like motion from the same album, but i haven't found a full version online yet.

2. royksopp (find them on the wall of sound site) - some nice downtempo from norway. here's a couple of tracks for your listening pleasure.

3. matt pond pa - some nice, gentle, indie rock along the same lines as am/fm and pedro the lion. sample their flavor here.

4. the tekken 4 soundtrack - i know it's cheesy to like a game soundtrack, but the music in tekken 4 goes so perfectly with each level. i would love to find out where some of the music came from.


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