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Tuesday, March 19, 2002

If you listen to internet radio or use mp3 technology, please take a few minutes to visit digitalconsumer.org. DigitalConsumer.org will send a fax to your representative in Congress stating your support for a Digital Consumer Bill of Rights.

Recent changes to copyright law have been used to deprive consumers of their traditional, well-established "personal-use" rights with regard to the digital media they legally acquire. As a result, consumers are hurt, innovators and entrepreneurs are hurt and the capital markets are hurt. DigitalConsumer.org's goal is simply to restore the balance of copyright law so that artists and creators can prosper while citizens have reasonable flexibility to use content in fair and legal ways. We are a consumer-advocacy group working to preserve a consumer's personal-use media rights. We are not asserting new rights, but only working to retain those that consumers have had for two centuries. We are pursuing and intend to have passed into law a "Consumer Technology Bill of Rights" which positively asserts a citizen's personal use media rights. Clarifying 'personal use' benefits the citizen by preserving existing rights that are being threatened and it helps to preserve the innovative technology environment that this country thrives on.


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