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Friday, February 22, 2002

a piece of advice - never get your finger caught in one of these. i found out today that my finger has a hardness of 37.4 kP (that's kiloPonds, a.k.a. kilograms of force, 1 kP = 9.80665 Newtons).

i think i must really have something against my left arm. list of injuries (all to left arm) since november 2001:

1) deep index fingernail scratch across knuckle of thumb.
2) abrasion to knuckle next to index finger (can still see scar). source unknown.
3) deep gash across back of hand, almost 1/2" in length, leaving permanent scar. christmas eve gift wrapping accident.
4) abrasion to left side of wrist, where the bone sticks up. caused by almost falling down steps, but catching self by slamming wrist against painted cinderblock wall.
5) mystery injury to left arm resulting in pain around and above left elbow (which had been previously broken 7 years ago).
6) and of course, smashing finger in hardness tester at work.


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