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Saturday, March 31, 2001

last night, my best friend and i attempted to watch the premiere of twin peaks on video. a co-worker (the one from dinner the other night) has all of the episodes on tape. i missed the series on it's first go-round, but i feel that it is important to watch because it played an important role in the pop culture of the nineties. i couldn't tell you what that role is, but i just feel like i missed out on something. although, like most david lynch films, i think that it is something better watched early in evening. i have a tendency to doze through late night movies, and his seem to induce sleep even faster.

the week at work went out with a bang. friday was jam packed with running around our building, trying to get reports signed, meeting a huge deadline. next week will be interesting for sure. the team isn't really quite sure what we are going to do next. i'm looking forward to getting in on a new project from the very beginning.

my personal life seems to be going well. the GRE subject test is in a month, and i haven't been studying as much as i would have liked, so i guess i really have to work at it now. i've had a sort of epiphany of security in the past few weeks. maybe it's the new job, maybe it's the lengthening of daylight hours, i don't know. but i do feel that things are going to be okay. growing up wasn't half as bad as i thought it would be.


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