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Wednesday, February 21, 2001

. . . today's song is "there's more to life than this" by bjork. that's just how i feel. i was stuck at home sick for the past few days, and that can really put a person in a low mood. i guess it's just the lack of human interaction that does it. and it makes me start thinking.

for the past year or so i've been on this quest for something. i guess mostly for my sense of self. i'm finding out who julie really is - not julie the student, julie the girlfriend, etc. lately i've been finding a lot of things about myself that i don't like, and it's really bothering me. these things aren't superficial, image-oriented things that can be changed easily. they're bad behaviors. i've been trying to pay more attention to myself, to be a little selfish, but i'm beginning to feel that i've gone too far. so here's a new goal in my life - to be a better friend. and to treat people better, not based on how i perceive that they treat me, just better no matter what.

so now i continue my quest for the "more" in life . . .


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