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Monday, January 22, 2001

great weekend, although a bit short. i saw crouching tiger again and was happy to see that ang lee received the award for best director and that the film won best foreign film at the golden globes last night. i also found a fantastic restaurant in town that should satisfy everyone's craving for asian cuisine, serving korean, japanese, and chinese dishes on the menu. it's also next door to an asian market, where i lucked out and found vegetarian dashi powder. hurrah!


this is my final week of slacking. i'm scheduled to take the GRE subject test for chemistry on april 28. so i'm allowing myself 3 months to study. i've been thinking more about what kind of graduate program i want to go into. things are leaning strongly towards analytical chem, i've also started thinking about biochemistry. it's an option i never really considered before. i guess i'll get things figured out eventually.


it's funny how when we do a few great things in life, that's all we want to be remembered for, but what we get remembered for is the one or two times that we screw up. ++


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